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Like all professionals, Teachers, Principals, Deputy Principals and Heads of Department (HODs) need to grow their knowledge and skills throughout their careers. They need to continuously update and broaden their knowledge and skills to strengthen their capacity to help children with learning, understanding and development. This is professional development.

Teachers, Principals, Deputy Principals and HODs need to acquire 150 Professional Development (PD) Points in a three year cycle. PD Points can be acquired through activities initiated by the Teacher, the school as well as through activities initiated externally such as training through a the South African Council for Educators (SACE) approved provider who provides SACE endorsed courses (like Edutel).

CPTD was implemented in January 2014, starting with Principals and Deputy Principals who need to acquire 150 PD Points within a 3 year cycle. In January 2015 Heads of Departments were implemented and in January 2016 Post Level 1 Teachers were implemented. CPTD is part of SACE’s Code of Professional Ethics for Educators and therefore participation in CPTD is compulsory.

All Educators must sign-up manually or electronically on the CPTD-IS before they participate in their first cycle.

Please take note that you cannot register to be a SACE member through Edutel. You will need to do this electronically or at your nearest SACE office. Visit SACE’s website for more information.

The purpose is to encourage Teachers to become better at their jobs and to encourage communities to become better sites of teaching, learning and development.

Edutel is a SACE approved provider with courses that are SACE endorsed. Some of the SACE endorsed courses that Edutel offers include:

NQF LevelTitlePD Points
05 & 06Certificate in Principalship60
06Develop a Portfolio to Demonstrate School Management and Leadership
05 & 06School Management and Leadership in the SA Context15
06Overview of School Leadership and Management Principles15
06Managing Resources and Systems15
06Manage Policy, Planning School Development and Governance15
06Manage Teaching and Learning15
05Conduct Outcomes-Based Assessment15
06Conduct Moderation of Outcomes-Based Assessments15
95Demonstrate Effective Language Skills in School Management & Leadership15
03Applying Knowledge of HIV/AIDS in the Workplace15
04 & 05Mentoring Learners15
05Facilitate Learning15
05 & 06Developing Outcomes-Based Learning Programmes15
06Design Integrated Assessments15
04 & 05Skills Development Facilitator75
05Special Needs15
04Administer School Assets10
04Prepare and Monitor the Budget of a School10
05Conducting a Skills Analysis for Skills Development Purposes15
03Coaching within the School Environment15
02, 03 & 04Exploring 2-and 3-Dimensional Space in Different Contexts60
02, 03 & 04Use Mathematics to Investigate Life and Work Issues60
02Working with Number Systems and Patterns30
03Using Number Bases and Measurement Units15
02 & 04Statistics and Life Related Problems30

Please click here to see our brochure for more information on CPTD, or more information on how to register as well as for information on the SACE endorsed courses that Edutel offers.