General Background

Andries Pelser (Chief Executive Officer) brought with him 30 years of experience in the field of education and training, when the foundation of Edutel was laid in the early 80’s and Edutel was registered as a (Pty) Ltd in May 1999. Growing demand led Edutel to establish associate companies namely Edutel Wholesale and Retail Academy (Pty) Ltd, Edutel Skills Development (Pty) Ltd, Edutel Services Company (Pty) Ltd, Edutel Public Services Company and Edutel Higher Education (Pty) Ltd.

Edutel is your one stop to lifelong learning, specialising in skills development and training, employment, marketing, Teacher training, Continued Professional Teacher Development (CPTD), Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and the offering of formal qualifications in different sectors of the economy.

Edutel holdings comprises of a number of companies each specialising in a different sector.

Edutel Wholesale and Retail Academy (Pty) Ltd. offers more than 95% of the qualifications and part qualifications registered for the sector and is the largest wholesale and retail training provider in Africa.

Edutel Skills Development (Pty) Ltd. specialises in the Education Training and Development Sector and deals with the up skilling of school Principals and leaders in schools and is also considered to be one of the leading training providers in the Occupationally Directed Education Training Practitioner arena offering the NQF level 4, 5 and 6 qualifications.

Edutel Services Company (Pty) Ltd. focuses on Business Management and Human Resource training.

Edutel Public Services Company (Pty) Ltd. specialises in the Public Sector specialising in public administration on NQF level 3, 4 and 5.

Edutel Higher Education (Pty) Ltd. is provisionally registered with the Department of  Higher Education and Training until December 2020 as a private higher education institution under the Higher Education Act, 1997. Registration Certificate No.2017/HE07/001. Currently offering the Advanced Diploma in Education: School Leadership and Management NQF level 7.

Edutel has various strategic alliances and collaboration agreements with public FET colleges and universities.


Our mission is to add value to our customer’s business by providing the very highest quality skills development products and services possible. Our customer support strategy is based upon total, uncompromised customer satisfaction and we continually strive to offer a complete package of up-to-date value added solutions to meet our customer needs. We value, above all, our long term customer relations.


Edutel wants to establish itself internationally and in South Africa as a leader in skills development in ways that subscribe to national skills initiatives, address the training needs of clients and readress skills imbalances that are mutually beneficial to the company and its clients.

Some of Edutel’s accomplishments

  • Edutel was the first provider to receive full accreditation with the Wholesale & Retail SETA ETQA.
  • Edutel Wholesale and Retail Academy (Pty) Ltd is the first wholesale and retail training provider to be accredited with the QCTO and to receive programme approval for the NQF Level 6: Occupational Certificate: Retail Manager: Retail Store Manager (507 credits) SAQA ID 91789.
  • Edutel received re-accreditation with SABPP to offer the FETC & National Diploma in Human Resource Practices.
  • Edutel Skills Development trained 1125 Principals and Deputy Principals on CPTD interventions in the North West province for the North West Department of Education.
  • In the field of teacher upgrading, and concentrating specifically in the rural areas, Edutel is instrumental in the upgrading of thousands of Educators.
  • Edutel Wholesale and Retail Academy (Pty) Ltd was awarded “First Prize” at the 2014 Good Practices Award Ceremony conducted by the Wholesale & Retail SETA.
  • Edutel Wholesale & Retail Academy (Pty) Ltd piloted RPL based on the Australian model for the W&RSETA.
  • Edutel Public Services Company (Pty) Ltd piloted RPL for the DPSA funded by GIZ.
  • Edutel and its subsidiaries are rated as BBBEE level 2 concerns.
  • Edutel has already received various nominations by the Roodepoort Chamber of Commerce for Business of the Year Award.
  • Edutel and its subsidiary companies subscribe and also believe in the goals that are set as far as productivity and equity is concerned and are active participants in skills development and training.
  • In the public sector, Edutel has assisted in enrolling students for a great variety of degrees, diplomas and short skills courses.
  • Edutel is a global competitor in Africa.
  • Edutel was contracted by the Wholesale & Retail SETA, FoodBevSETA and ISETT SETA , MQA, HWSETA & INSETA to train Skills Development Facilitators from different companies throughout South Africa.
  • Edutel was contracted by the Wholesale & Retail SETA to provide course material for the Waterkloof High School Project and to train members of their constituants and public FET colleges on a variety of OD-ETDP unit standards.
  • Edutel was contracted by the W&RSETA SMME Division to provide and develop learning material for their SMME project as well as the training of their Facilitators and training on quality assurance.
  • Edutel was part of the Wholesale & Retail SETA pilot project for learnerships on NQF Levels 4 and 5.
  • All Edutel ‘s programmes are accredited and approved by the relevant ETQA’s.
  • Edutel Skills Development (Pty) Ltd was contracted by the POSLEC SETA and later SASSETA to roll out the OD-ETDP Learnership on NQF5 for SAPS Trainers nationally.
  •  Edutel Skills Development (Pty) Ltd was contracted by the Department of Labour to implement the ESDS and IES Learnerships for a total of 510 learners.
  •  Edutel Skills Development (Pty) Ltd is also proud to have had numerous Government officials from the Government of Botswana on their skills development workshops.
  •  Edutel Skills Development (Pty) Ltd was contracted by the Namibian Training Authority to train OD-ETDP practitioners.
  • Edutel Wholesale and Retail Academy (Pty) Ltd signed a memorandum of understanding with GEMS4 to help develop the wholesale and retail sector in Nigeria from a skills development perspective.
  •  Edutel Skills Development (Pty) Ltd was contracted by SASSETA to train 500 learners on the OD-ETDP Learnership on NQF4 and 5.
  • Edutel in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour, Gender and Social Development hosted a Skills Conference in Kampala, Uganda , and has formed a partnership.
  • Edutel is registered as a Consultancy concern in Uganda.
  • Edutel Group of Companies has already assisted thousands of learners to up their skills and to achieve full qualifications in various fields of specialisation.
  • Edutel group of companies have established itself as a leader in skills development and training and render services to many blue chip concerns and government departments. Most of our clients contact Edutel because of word-of-mouth testimonies.

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