Terms and Conditions

Your Enrolment
1. If this Application is accepted by us, it will, from the time of acceptance, become a valid and binding contract between us and you.

Our Responsibilities
2. We will, as soon as possible after receiving this Application, consider it and notify you whether or not it has been accepted.
3. If this Application is accepted, we will make sure that you receive, in good time, the appropriate study material for the Course.
4. We will ensure that all approvals of the Quality Assurance bodies in relation to the Course are retained.
5. We will ensure that such appropriately qualified personnel as are necessary for the conducting of the Course are assigned to you.
6. We will grant you two years to complete the course you have registered for.
7. We will provide you with a Computer Literacy manual as part of your programme. Should you not be ICT compliant, you will have the opportunity to attend a workshop on ICT competence.

Your Responsibilities
8. You must, if we require it, make available to us the originals of all documents relevant to this Application. You must take note of the requirements for the Course, as well as the minimum requirements in order to pass the Course.
9. You must also avail yourself of all contact session times and venues in relation to the Course.
10. It is your responsibility to ensure that assignments reach us, or the institute concerned on time.
11. The student also agrees to register with SACE for CPTD in line with the implementation time frame of SACE. Edutel will not be able to upload CPTD points earned (if applicable to the programme), should you not have registered yourself with SACE for this purpose, and confirmed your registration with Edutel by providing Edutel with the necessary registration details.
12. The responsibility lies with you to make sure whether your course will earn CPTD points or not.
13. It is the responsibility of the student to confirm with his/her employer whether the course would be recognised, as Edutel cannot guarantee such recognition.
14. You agree to inform your employer about the fact that you have registered for this course and you will ensure that you will get yourself a mentor in your workplace to mentor you on the performance criteria of the course you have registered for. You will ensure that the mentor meets the requirement of a person having a proven track record in the qualification you have registered for. You also agree to inform Edutel in writing as to who this mentor is and provide us with a copy of your mentor’s CV, confirming his/her competence in this regard. You will also make sure that the mentor is prepared to be capacitated by Edutel and will attend your orientation session and two, 2-day contact sessions per year with you. The mentor must be willing to observe and assist you in the workplace as required by the course. If Edutel does not approve of your mentor, you will need to seek a mentor who meets the criteria set by Edutel.
15. It will be your responsibility to register for examinations and contact sessions and to make sure your registration was accepted.
16. I acknowledge that I am aware of the fact that I need to be ICT competent in order to complete my course successfully and that I need to provide Edutel with evidence that I am ICT competent.
17. I take full responsibility for the declaration made under Section B. I am fully aware of the importance of ICT.
18. I undertake to attend the Computer Literacy workshop as arranged by Edutel if I am not computer literate.
19. I acknowledge that I need access to a computer to do (some/all of) my assignments.
20. I acknowledge that I need to bring my own laptop and modem for computer literacy training, orientation sessions and contact sessions.
21. I acknowledge that all travelling, meals and accommodation costs when attending workshops or contact sessions will be for my own account.
22. I acknowledge and agree that if I am not computer literate and do not attend the computer literacy workshop, I could not use this as a reason to cancel this application.

23. You must pay the fees for the Course in accordance with Section D of this Application.
24. First-time assessment and examination fees are included in the Course fees. Re-assessment or further examination fees need to be paid separately if you are found not competent or fail your examination the first time.
25. Should you choose to make use of the Fundi/Student loan (stop order facility) or debit order and Fundi doesn’t approve of your application, you hereby give Edutel the right to deduct your course fee from your bank account. Edutel charges no interest.
26. You will not be able to attend contact sessions or write examinations if your account is in arrears.
27. We will not assess your portfolios if your account is in arrears.
28. You will only be allowed to attend a contact/orientation session once.

Your Declarations
29. You declare that –
29.1 the information provided in this Application is both true and correct;
29.2 all copies provided are true copies of the originals thereof; and
29.3 you are aware of the curriculum and qualification of the Course.

30. Copyright subsists in all study material provided to you in relation to the Course. Any unauthorised reproduction or adaptation thereof will constitute an act of copyright infringement, leaving the offender liable for civil law copyright infringement and, in certain circumstances, criminal prosecution.

Your Right to Cancel
31. You may cancel your enrolment for the Course at any time before you receive the study material.
32. If you exercise your right to cancel in terms of paragraph 31 above, you will be charged a cancellation fee equal to 10% of the full course fees, which compensates us for some of the costs that we have incurred in respect of your Application and its acceptance.
33. If you cancel your enrolment at any other time or otherwise give up your studies you will remain liable for the full course fees.

Legal Action
34. You hereby consent to the jurisdiction of the Magistrates’ Court for purposes of any legal action we may take against you as a result of your failure to comply with any of your obligations in terms of this Application.
35. You accept and agree that, if we take any legal action against you, you will be liable for any, and all costs incurred by us in doing so, including costs on an attorney and own client scale.
36. A certificate signed by any of our managers (whose designation, appointment or authority it shall not be necessary to prove), as to the existence and amount of your indebtedness to us at any time and/or any other fact matter or thing relating to your indebtedness to us, shall be prima facie proof of the contents and correctness thereof and of the amounts of all your indebtedness for the purposes of provisional sentence or summary judgment, or any other
proceedings against you in any competent court and shall be valid as a liquid document for such purposes.

General Terms
37. You accept and agree that the street address provided by you in Section A of this Form shall be your chosen address for service of legal and other process arising from this Application.
38. You cannot transfer or delegate any of your rights or duties under this Application, or under any part hereof, without our written consent.
39. We can transfer or delegate any of our rights and duties under this Application, or under any part hereof, upon notice to you.
40. In case of distance learning programme, you nominate the South African Post Office as the only agent to be used by Edutel to dispatch your learning material to you.
41. You acknowledge that plagiarism is an offense and that you are aware that plagiarism will constitute disciplinary procedures.
42. You acknowledge that your enrolment is valid for as long as this qualification is valid according to SAQA.